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Turqouise Satin Table Runner (10-Piece)


SKU ZQ1301A18

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Product Description


  • Themes: Classic Theme, Garden Theme
  • Material: Satin
  • Shown Color: Light Blue
  • Size: 275*30.5 cm (108.3*12 in)
Customer Reviews
  • By workerbee

    Dec 21, 2015

    Perfectly rectangular

    I used some of these to embroider on to give as gifts, but I cut up most of them and used most them to make ties for the backs of Christmas seat covers for my dining room. They're very long - so unless you have a very long table you'll want to scrunch them up for table runners. Quality is fine for this price. No issues with blemishes. The fabric is very thin however, frays easily, and is not exactly even on the edges if you need something perfectly rectangular. I cut these up and hemmed with my serger and the new hems were very similar to the existing hems. The fabric irons up beautifully and doesn't wrinkle easily. I got a good price on a dozen, I see now there are only 10 in the set, so price it out over just buying satin fabric if you're going to cut them up like I did.

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