• Perfect Dress

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    My mother and I will attend my cousin's wedding in few weeks from now and she was indeed excited to shop for our clothes but we were both busy and did't often see each other. So, shopping must be online to make it possible. Glad I found topwedding. While browsing on the site I found this and promising attire for her and she agreed with my taste. She ordered for me too. We really loved the dresses you guys sent us. Thanks.

    Wilona Evans from United States
    Nov 28, 2013

  • Very Fashionable Indeed

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    My husband bought this dress for me. I was so surprised since I didn’t expect that he knew how to choose a dress. The appliques are lovely and well made. The chiffon fabric is very comfy and relaxing to wear. Very fashionable indeed. He told me to thank topweddiing for my dress – so I did. Thank you very much. I love it.

    Tracy Wallace from United States
    Nov 13, 2013