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    I was so amazed by how gorgeous this dress looked. The feathers are very lovely and well made (doesn’t fall off easily unlike the other dresses). Another awesome feature of this dress is the strapless lace bodice. I have never seen anything like it. Topwedding has done another marvelous job again. It has three fabrics used – amazing, right? Thanks, topwedding.

    Irene Gray from United States
    Nov 16, 2013

  • Gorgeous Lace Party Gown

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    I love to do online shopping and www.topwedding.com is one of the sites that I visit most. It is not only because I knew it is a trustworthy site but also because it offers wide variety of exceptional dresses fitted for different type of occasion. Just few days ago, I even bought this gorgeous lace and feathered tulle dress. Who would have thought lace and feathers could be so stylish? Thank you topwedding, you're definitely an icon for fashion.

    Lilith Wright from United States
    Oct 15, 2013