• Amazing

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    I never was thinking ever that I would buy a fancy dress online. I ordered this one for my friend's wedding for the first time in my life and I wonder how it worked perfectly. I am so thankful top wedding

    Rosha Karme from United States
    Sep 28, 2014

  • Stunning Wedding Gown

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    Stunning. I just want to wear it everyday. Topwedding.com has done a marvelous job again. I purchased same as this one and I loved it. My boyfriend told me I looked like a celebrity. The pleats on the bodice was so wonderful and enhanced my body shape; made me look slimmer and sexier. I love the mermaid cut. Thumbs up to topwedding.com.

    Hallie Ramirez from United States
    Oct 13, 2013

  • Sexy Sequined Dress

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    Simple chiffon dress but very adorable to look at. I just don't know how the designers did it but all I know is that this dress was just made of pleats. However, the pleats were gorgeous and perfect. The slit on the front part would indeed attract everyone else. Love the fabric; so smooth and soft. By the way, I already recommended this site to my friends.

    Giselle Miller from United States
    Oct 10, 2013