• Great Job!

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    Gorgeous! I love the design; very enchanting. The style of the dress would make any pregnant women look lovely. I wore this when I was on my 6th month of pregnancy and I felt like I wasn't pregnant at all. The flower embellishments were well made. The tulle overlaid skirt matches with the bodice perfectly. Though I wore a light color of this dress -ivory, I didn't look fat at all. Great job guys!

    Gena Crosby from United States
    Oct 24, 2013

  • Stunning Dress

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    With this black dress, I can be one stunning lady! The flattering bodice goes well with flowing overlaid tulle skirt.

    Thanks topwedding.com for making me feel and look pretty at any stage of my life!

    Kaylee Rose from United States
    Aug 14, 2013

  • Suitable for Pregnant

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    Captivating, Gorgeous and Sexy. Who would have guessed these words can be described to a pregnant

    lady? Well, with this long black dress it's possible. I just did when I wear it in my husbands office party.

    Selena Houser from United States
    Aug 12, 2013