• Off the Shoulder Lace Jacket with Three Quarters Sleeves

    Off the Shoulder Lace Jacket with Three Quarters Sleeves

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    I ordered this item to reuse a strapless bridesmaid's dress that I'd worn in 2010. This new bride/best friend was really awesome and lenient on allowing her bridesmaids to use any black dress as long as it was floor length. If you are getting married, I would HIGHLY recommend this for your bridesmaids. Everyone looked so great and we got lots of compliments on how we looked as a group. Anyway, I was going to have the old dress altered to look completely different so that I was respectful of making her day special and unique, but found this top while shopping online and decided to take the risk of ordering abroad using my PayPal account. I ordered the top on January 29th and it arrived in NYC on March 3rd. Unfortunately, the wedding was on March 1st. And I'd found a beautiful gown that needed no altering at Lehmann's close-out sale that was 80% off. Regardless, this company was very good at emailing me within 48 hours of purchase to let me know that they were on Spring Holiday and very backed-up with orders from their break. I still liked the idea of having this top and thought it was worth the risk of trying to see if 1) they were a legitimate company I could recommend to friends and 2) to see if I could have this top in time for the wedding. As you probably read, I didn't get the top in time. BUT it actually worked out for the best because the other dress was so perfect and smaller to pack for the trip out to San Fran for the wedding. Regardless, I did in fact recieve the top when I got home and it looks beautiful. I'm typically a size 6, 5'2" and I wear a 36 D. I'm roughly 140 lbs (but trying to loose 5 lbs from having a baby), and my waist is about 29-31 inches depending on what day of the month it is. I ordered a size 10 to go over my size 6 or 8 gowns with the possibility of using a strapless and structured bra. That being said, the item is much bigger on me than it would be without all the extra fluff. But it looks great. And I'm very impressed with the material and details. My only recommendation is that you expect any item ordered from this site to take 8 weeks. That should be just enough time to alter the item if you are in a time crunch for a wedding, etc. Remember that they make each item as they are ordered and ship from China. It's not a fast process from my experience. Best of luck to you!

    Sarah Emley from Canada
    Mar 16, 2014

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