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Product Description

Modern and elegant, this cake topper is made up of a new couple. Groom wears a white tuxedo with proud expression, while bride seems to be enjoying this happy moment by closing her eyes. It is the best manifestation of your happy moment on the special day.

  • Themes: Love Theme
  • Material: Jaffaite
  • Measurement: 9*7*5 cm (3.5*2.8*2 in)
Customer Reviews
  • By Talon Murray

    Oct 12, 2013

    The Best Cake Topper

    If you want to have the best cake topper in town, purchase this very cute and charming cake topper. I was so delighted when I saw this cake topper so I immediately purchased it. The design looked so cute and very modern. As portrayed by this topper, the groom looked so happy being married to her woman. This is the reason why I have chosen this topper to let everyone know how happy we are to be married to each other. Nice job topwedding.

  • By Scarlett Watson

    Sep 22, 2013

    Great Cake Topper!

    A client requested a special topper for their wedding cake this end of October. If it hasn't been my favorite customer, I would have refused. She specifically asked for a youthful couple that will speak of friendship and love at the same time to describe her relationship with future husband. My daughter told me about topwedding and when I found this and emailed it to my client, she said this is the one. It is going to be the wedding cake of the year!

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