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Product Description

This traditional Chinese umbrella will surely add Asian flair to your event. It is a craft that contains cotton paper canopy, bamboo rib, and wooden stem and handle. As its canopy is featured with blooming chrysanthemum and flying butterflies, it effortlessly presents you with a gorgeously ancient and natural look.

Note: Every oil paper umbrella features a flavor of tung oil, and the color of umbrella is a little bit yellower than the picture. All of there are inherent features of the oil paper umbrella, for cotton paper is processed with tung oil. Please pay attention to

  • Category: Chinese Style Umbrellas
  • Canopy Materials: Cotton Paper
  • Handle Materials: Wood
  • Umbrella Stem: Wood
  • Folded Length (Handle Included): 58 cm (22.8 in)
  • Span Diameter (Unfolded): 84 cm (33.1 in)
  • Embellishment: Chrysanthemum & Butterfly Pattern
  • Shown Color: Blue
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